Quick Actions to Take for Runoff or Spill Issues


Runoff or Manure Spill?

If you observe a non-exempt discharge from a factory farm facility or its waste disposal area, you should report it to the IEPABe very specific about the location, date, time, and details of your observations. Document the contaminated area with your own photos and use the date on the camera or place a sign featuring the date in the foreground of your picture.

If you are experiencing impacts from emissions or odor from a factory farm, you should report it to the IEPA.  Water and odor complaints should be made immediately. Be very specific about location, date, time, and details of your observations.

File a complaint with the appropriate regional field office. Include precise details of your IEPA report, IEPA's response (or no answer), and your photos. A good relationship with your regional field office representative, who is likely responsible for multiple counties, may make the difference between an immediate response or no answer.

Finally, write an email that briefly expresses your observations and your concerns related to the spill, water, or odor complaint. Send this to the individuals listed below for maximum exposure of the issue you are respectfully addressing. Request a response, and ask what level of action they are taking in regard to the increasing evidence of toxic air, contaminated wells, and violation of public health.

IEPA Director Alec Messina Alec.Messina@illinois.gov

IEPA Deputy Director Donovan Griffith Donovan.Griffith@illinois.gov

Your State Senator  

Your State Representative 

Keep copies of every email you send. Consider printing out copies and keeping them all together in a single folder.

ICCAW can assist you in monitoring and documenting pollution from factory farms, and, if necessary, filing your complaint.