Now is the time!  With the expansive media coverage of the CAFO issue by the Chicago Tribune and other developments in the recent past, our environmental and farmer partner groups that we have been working with on this issue, as well as others, are with us to make a push in the legislature this session to make another run at fixing our broken regulatory system for factory farms.


We need you to contact your Illinois state senators and house representatives to educate them about this issue and what you have personally experienced (or what your community has been through). You can find out who your legislators are by entering your address into this form.  We believe face-to-face meetings are the most impactful with legislators— if you can schedule in-person meetings with them, that would be ideal.

Our legislative priorities:

  • Give counties more authority to make siting permit decisions.

  • Allow impacted citizens to appeal poor Department of Agriculture siting permit decisions.

  • Close the facility expansion loophole that allows facilities to double in size without additional regulations.

  • Require public input on and state approval of waste management plans as a part of the permitting process for all CAFOs.

  • Require all CAFOs to register with the Illinois EPA in order to accurately account for these facilities.

  • Implement IEPA regulatory program to help prevent pollution.